In Sarasota Keys one of the most overlooked things homeowners do is take care of simple maintenance and home upkeep. Homes in this area are amazing and the views breathtaking, but if the house is left unkempt it will start to deteriorate at an alarming rate. There is a lot of weather to content with on the East coast, especially in hurricane season. If your windows are not battened down during a big storm you will have a huge glass replacement bill.

We strive to post helpful articles designed to encourage homeowners to take care and do a little each month. If you stay with it, most of the jobs are not excessive and can be handled by almost everyone. Every so often you will need to hire a professional and we mention when that is the best approach for certain things.

Visit our site as often as you wish, there will be tips and hints about how to keep your home looking good and in top condition.