Day: July 15, 2017

Checking Off The Honey-do List

Taking care of a house is much beyond just simply installing a new sink in the kitchen. Great amount of study, dedicated efforts, and careful focusing on the details would be required to ensure the things are installed in a secured manner.

When purchasing a home, financial responsibility is the first thing that most people probably think of. One must never forget the labor and time that goes into owning a home. Similar to how a car needs regular oiling and engine maintenance to keep it happy and running, proper house maintenance tasks are essential to keep money wastage and headaches at bay.

It can certainly be quite intimidating to go through the list of tasks – especially for a new homeowner. Fortunately, most of the things on the list can be done DIY style, without the need for any previous experience. However, if one gets stuck during a task, the local handyman or renovations company for a bigger project, would just be a call away.

In order to be efficient with the tasks, a house maintenance calendar might be necessary. Whether on paper or on a computing device, regular tasks can be jotted down for every weekend. However, most of the aspects of a home would invariably require attention on a monthly, quarterly, and biannually basis. Some seasonal tasks are also in the fray. The following list does not need strict adherence; there could be several variations based on the needs of a home.

HVAC Filters

HVAC filters should be inspected every month if that’s the type of system you have in your home. Most experts would recommend changing the filters in an HVAC unit on a monthly basis, which is certainly not necessary. It is, in fact, fine to change the filters once in two or three months for families with fewer members and without any allergies or pets. The heat filter should be changed if it is dirty, or it should be inspected again the next month. Most plumbers would recommend cheaper filters, as regular replacements would not cause too much financial harm.

Faulty Plumbing

Plumbing must be inspected regularly for leaks and faucet-related issues. One should take a brief tour of the toilets and the faucets every six months, to detect any small leaks. If there is poor water pressure out from a faucet, the aerator would most probably be the culprit. Thankfully, the fix is extremely easy! In addition, shower heads must be removed to clean the sediments, especially during winter. This would prolong the life of the bathroom accessory and will also help with water pressure. If the plumbing has become a problem and you are tired of how the place looks, then consider remodeling your home and replace the plumbing at the same time.


Drain Tile

Drain tile is essential to tackle any water in the basement. These drainage systems have been used in both construction and agricultural applications. A clogged drain tile system will cause problems for the basement foundation and also the crawl space.

Furnace Repair

The heating system should be in proper condition to tackle the wet and cold during winter. To make efficient use of the forced air furnace system, leaks in the doors or the windows should be regularly checked. The heating vents should be open and must not be furniture-blocked, and the furnace repair inspection work should be done at least once every two years. If there is a fireplace in the house, it should not be left out. If it’s hard getting the job done on your own, a furnace service Kelowna┬ácan be sought. The use of radiant heat technology may also come in handy.

Boiler Service

Reactive boiler service maintenance is perhaps the worst strategy any homeowner can adopt. It’s always better to plan and anticipate repairs, rather than evaluating and rectifying the error when the equipment fails.

Central Heating

The central heating system is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of any house. To ensure proper shape and condition throughout the year, the boiler must be repaired during summer. And, whenever possible, the heating system should be switched on for some 15 minutes every day even during summer.